Construction & Management
Daway and partners We strive to find the best solution, to support our own construction work and management systems . So that we can work efficiently and effectively.
We work with leaders in Construction that delivered some of the most technically challenging projects worldwide including Warehousing, housing and retro-fit projects. Our reputation for giving clients in the construction industries a world-class construction management service is not built on engineering excellence alone. It’s been achieved over years by building successful partnerships.
We believe that good enough is never good enough. In an industry dominated by technical requirements, budgets and timelines, we never forget that its people that make the difference. We have a relentless desire to be the best in our business, judged by you and not our peers.
We and our partners work with will to train and Lean new techniques, that can support and develop our own construction management systems so that they work efficiently and effectively.
We can supplement an existing team or provide a complete solution. Whatever it takes.
• Our Building products :Metal steel, Corrugated roofing , Tiles and Lapitec tiles, Exteror Cladding. siding, lumber, insulation, wallboard, windows, doors, cabinets, and many other products)

• Infrastructure
• Distribution and retail (spanning a wide range of distribution systems)
• Homebuilding (including national and regional/local
• Solar Mountains :
• Engineering, construction and procurement (EPC) (including all segments of the EPC value chain)
And we have experience across multiple construction end-markets—including residential, non-residential and public sector/infrastructure

We work with our clients to address major management issues including Solar Mounting Solutions.



Whether for sloped roofs, flat roofs or the open ground, PL Systems has the right solar technology product for your project. Designed in modular principle, the same individual components are contained in all solar mounting solutions. It only takes a few steps to install roof fasteners, hanger bolts and many other mounting systems for solar technology by PL Systems. Easy assembly guaranteed.

As a manufacturer of mounting systems for solar technology, K2 Systems develops innovative system solutions for the international photovoltaic industry. Many years of experience and our attention to service make K2 Systems a pleasant partner in the field of solar mounting systems. International customers appreciate the quality of our reliable carrier systems for use on sloped roofs, flat roofs as well as ground mounted and special projects.

We offer:

  • Constructability reviews
  • Site safety strategy including safety culture assessments
  • Risk evaluation, reduction and management
  • Project procurement strategies
  • Construction Site Set-up including logistics and facilities
  • Construction quality strategy
  • Construction scheduling including manpower estimation