Our profile.

Daway Engineering and construction is a family business that started out in 2009 in Freetown , Sierra Leone.   The company is named after our  father who was a construction worker .  He started his carrier with a Liberia construction  company   in  Monrovia  the republic of Liberia in the early  1950s .  They  constructed  several magnificent  buildings in the Liberian capital including   the US embassy complex.  The company was later moved to Sierra Leone where it establish its head quarter  in the capital  free town it was later renamed the Sierra Leone  construction company.

Between 1991 and 2001 a brutal  civil war  swept across Sierra Leone  Many civilians fled  their  homes and became homeless while  Some migrated.   Institutions like schools and hospitals the entire infrastructure of the country  collapsed the economy of the country came at stand still. The country remain at  the bottom of the UN Human Development  Index  throughout  the  war and many years  after  observers have referred to the Sierra Leone war  as a complex  and  one of the worst in century.

The members of this company have decided to harness all possible resources within their reach to promote post war rehabilitation and construction  . This passion is obvious by looking at the past that starts with an unique  idea

The president of the company travel  around the world to met business partner to join and build a great organisation that will respond adequately to   the needs of the people  as they put their live together again.

Daway Engineering and construction holding  is ready to move into the future. This requires strength, coordination and willingness. It is a task that cannot be done alone. Here is where our venture partners  plays there various rols.  The holding consists out of workers and partners  that have a strong holistic view, this view echoes across the company in the form that it does not restrict itself to one specific area. Believing that everything is interconnected and one affects the other, DAWAY HOLDINGS is comprised of different  industries. These are wide recognised brands and companies that fall into one of our four business segments:

Four  main business focus:

  •  Engineering
  •  Construction
  •  Communication
  •  Development Financing


Management Structure of DAWAY Holdings Sierra Leone